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ok, i get your point...but, as we go into the world, incarnationally as jesus did, we need to be inviting people into community with other believers (i really buy into the belonging before believing concept). this MIGHT mean a church service or it might not. persoanlly, i think the worship gathering, well done, can be one of hte most redemptive things out there. of course, it might also mean sitting at a bar with three christian friend along with a couple people who you are trying to love. the aqenda is not "getting them saved" the agenda is loving poeple. i totally buy into what you are arguing here, but i think inviting poeple into christian community is really important (again, this may or may not mean a church service)...

just my two cents :-)



i agree. i just noticed that you have a post about inviting people to church and this post was not a reaction to that. this post is written as a reaction to the fact that most of our churches are "attractional," meaning the only contact we make with outsiders is usually to invite them to church.

i appreciated and agreed with your post and with dan kimball's thoughts that you linked to.


I completely agree with inviting people into your faith community. If the Spirit leads, even inviting them to a worship service. I believe it is VITAL for communities of faith to have social, hang-out times in neutral places like coffee shops, homes, bars even, so the seeking lost can feel comfortable in building relationships and possibly discussing UNcomfortable topics. The number comparison of Jesus' conversations is staggering!

I think the real mark of success is getting invited to THEIR social circles. I love the story of Levi following Christ, the HUGE party at his house with several tax collectors! 1 Jesus vs. several "sinners." So, while bringing people to a place where they MIGHT meet Jesus is great, how much more impacting can it be to bring Jesus to the people?


Well said, Nathan.

Pastor Kraig of Pearland

This is good! And very on point! I get where Todd is coming from. I mean, there is something uplifting about fellowship--worship experiences, etc. Here is where I totally gel with Padawan--let us take this fellowship and these great worship experiences to the world. Maybe we are working backwards: come to our church...the filling station. Do most believers live in bubbles? That is a good way to put it. Sometimes I think it's quick sand or cement.


great post. the break down of where jesus convos took place is especially helpful. thanks!


I'm not a pastor...not a missionary...just a wandering soul who wrote some words today at:

Your post puts more words to what I was thinking / feeling today. I am a part of a GOOD church. It's just that lately I am being pulled to explore and experience church outside the walls.

On the journey...being a God-chaser.

The Bishop

How about inviting them home for dinner?



I think that's great. I think the main point is let's invite people into our LIFE, not our institutions. And let's accept the invitation into their LIFE without worrying about being defiled by "sinners" like the Pharisees did. Let's invite them to COMMUNITY long before we invite them to church. And I think your community meals are a great way to do that!

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