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you are definitly on to something here. being a suburban pastor who has grown to try and think very missionaly, there are HUGE differences between the way of Jesus and the way of Suburbia. I have spent some posts thinking through that on my own blog. Interestingly enough, there seems to be a number of people asking the same questions. Just good "missional and suburbia" and you'll find a bunch of helpful thoughts...

keep working through this. I would be interested in how you flesh it out in your context.


Todd, thanks for the comments. I really appreciated your posts on the same subject. It's good to know that there are other missional, suburban pastors out there. May our tribe increase!


roy, thanks. yeah, its a question that needs to be answered. i am pretty darn sure the answer isn't all teh suburban christians moving to the city!

in fact, i think there is just as much pain in the burbs, its just wrapped in a different wrapper...

The Bishop

Quick question: I'm working on a discipleship system like the padawan system of Star Wars. I know, geeky...but anyway, I was wondering if you knew of any already existing tools that I use.

Roy McClung


Are you familiar with the Life Tranformation approach from Neil Cole? That's the closest strategy I've seen to a padawan approach, and Neil is experiencing the first church planting movement on American soil (in California). I can get you more info on that if you're interested.


roy - great thoughts! I would add to your post the idea that perhaps Jesus responded to the people as far as they were willing to go, and that this might be an easy way to prioritize?

Seems to me that those that longed for a closer relationship were rewarded with just that ('draw near to God and He will draw near to you'). The 72 willing to go out, the 12 willing to follow everywhere, the 3 with deep devotion and the 1 with a profound love.

In my own ministry I have been thinking through this and seeking to understand what that means in my context. I *think* it means that I seek to do minustry and bring as many along as will come...those that do are naturally those that I will develop a closer relationship with.

Not that I am devalue'ing (is that even a word?) any of my friendships, I don't think that is what Christ would have said about the 72 compared to the 3. But I am thinking that this is being a good steward of my time.


Jase - Though we are not working through the LT in a formal way yet, I have transitioned our group from a teacher-led (with me writing and presenting a lesson) to a leader-facilitated gathering. Each week we try to read at least 10 chapters of the Bible (ephesians and then james so far) - repeating the book over again when we get to the end.

Our third meeting was last night and I am impressed with how people are beginning to read the text (almost) every day. This results in the group (as led by the Spirit) exploring the text together and discovering a common focus; as well as making the group easily reproducible.



I agree. Jesus seems to have had a way of filtering people. By that I don't mean that He "played favorites." Rather, He simply was able to discern who was ready to go deeper.

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